On Virtue

O Thou bright jewel in my aim I strive
To comprehend thee. Thine own words declare
Wisdom is higher than a fool can reach.
I cease to wonder, and no more attempt

by Phillis Wheatley Click to read full poem

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There is wisdom in virtue- youth however is so attuned to excitement take a pass on either until they have tp pay the piper for the dance they led. Great piece of writing
I strive! ! Thanks for sharing.
Such a great write by Phillis Wheatley👍👍👍
A brilliant write. The poem beautifully draws that virtue is indeed a divine quality.
What a brilliant poetess, I applaud the genius behind her words, a powerful voice from the past that few can today compare to
Wisdom is higher than a fool can reach... . beautiful spiritual poem shared.
Such an inspiring write by Phillis Wheatley.....
Ahhh....virtue. A beautiful tribute to what was once considered not only the cornerstone to a successful life, but even more so to a successful society. Oh heaven, by Thy grace, let the call to virtue once more ring in our streets.
Her very words revealed that she was living with faith, and a hope in God!
Wisdom is higher than a fool can reach. A proven fact. Thanks for sharing it here.
poem on the importance of virtue with choicest words.....descriptive work too-10
Sink not into despair! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A wonderful poem, A prayer in poetic form...
Then seek, then court her for her promis'd bliss. Virtue indeed has a promised bliss..... Peace and order, life in prosperity, life worthy before the Lord..... Nice poem...