Sing It Alone

You said you are going to sing
To the world
About us
About the diamond
With the rhythm of passion
Across the core
Subdue the consciousness
Raging empire of the undone fire
Saviours the sweet blood of traitor,
You are done
All gone berserk
Dance floor is blooded
Ravish the intense insanity
Lies the undue at seven nights
Days of betrayal
Name them all
For tonight
You are singing the truth of manipulation
Wording the unworthiness
About you
For I am not coming to give the blame
And never say my name, again! ! !

© All Rights Reserved

by Malaya Roses

Comments (17)

The madness of warfare, the absurdity of praising armies and military display. There is no beauty, no love, no sense, nothing praiseworthy in battle Love on the other hand has everything. All praiseworthy are comprised in love I got carried away reading this poem. It is truly beautiful and full of wisdom.
The translaor has put in stuff of his own which we could do wothout.
Lovely depiction of mighty feeling and spiritual experience of love elegantly brought forth with conviction.
.............beautifully said, there's no power stronger ★
The power of love is far stronger than the power of all armies. It is a beauty of a poem which I would like to read again and again.
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