GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

On Wings Of Grace! !

I do believe Sir Knight
there has been an oversight
for your glove has crossed my cheek

Thou knowest not me
Brothers at arms we be
Yet ye perceive my spirit Weak

Pray upon the lame
This is thy game
Yet my sword lay down in peace.

Listen to thy choice
Whispering wind of voice
Thy duel ye start shall now cease

Spirit of Oneness Follow
or be left forever hollow
For silent whisper shall roar of many lion

Unity shall stand tall
House divided shall fall
Voice of One shall dry all crying'

I state to thee in Love
I do believe this is your glove

And I lay down my sword in wait
For the wings of Grace I shall fly......

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Comments (4)

Geoff this is an amazing poem
A rich, taut structure, full of form that is in keeping with the imaginative premise. The only trip-up is in the 5th tercet, line 3. It is one accented syllable too long; it may be improved by dropping the modifier silent to read, 'For whisper shall roar many a lion.' The added article a is grammatically correct. Hope this helps. Cheers, Greg
That is the talk of those that hold the power to heal, it hurts, I know, but it is the only answer You are very brave indeed Love Duncan X
Thy words ring peace through out this land. A knight of gentleness and peace. Me thinks this read is of a higher grander than mine humble pen could dare place. Patricia