On Writing A Poem (To The Critic)

You attack my poetry—
It lacks meter,
You say,
And neglects
Rhyme, symbol and art.
You call my ideas
And my methods

I answer you:
I write in the meter
Of the heart,
Not dactyls and spondees.
The rhyme is the flow,
And the poem itself
Is a symbol
Written to be understood
By the divine-human heart.
My ideas,
Now insubstantial,
Will soon be clear,
And isn’t it often
The method of a child
Which says the most
While saying the least?

(Honolulu, January 2002)

by Adam Maruyama

Comments (1)

Profoundly zeros in on what poetry's about. Ya' can't dissect it, intellectualize it, or put it under a microscope. As a matter of fact, ya' can't really get it unless yer readin' it from the heart. It's 'heartspeak'. Keep on keepin' on.