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On Writing A Poem (To The Critic)
AM (24 January 1985 / Honolulu, Hawaii)

On Writing A Poem (To The Critic)

You attack my poetry—
It lacks meter,
You say,
And neglects
Rhyme, symbol and art.
You call my ideas
And my methods

I answer you:
I write in the meter
Of the heart,
Not dactyls and spondees.
The rhyme is the flow,
And the poem itself
Is a symbol
Written to be understood
By the divine-human heart.
My ideas,
Now insubstantial,
Will soon be clear,
And isn’t it often
The method of a child
Which says the most
While saying the least?

(Honolulu, January 2002)

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Profoundly zeros in on what poetry's about. Ya' can't dissect it, intellectualize it, or put it under a microscope. As a matter of fact, ya' can't really get it unless yer readin' it from the heart. It's 'heartspeak'. Keep on keepin' on.