On Writing A Poem

I yearned to be a Poet someday;
Enthrall the literary world someway;
I knew to write a good Poem,
Was not quite easy- from my mom!

Of all the many talents I’d got;
My one thing-my Poetic thought;
From the Heavens like a thunder-squall,
Master-like, I began to enthrall.

Even my wife, she makes some fun
Of me- Poet? I like to pun,
With words; and under the Sun,
I will be great and try to stun.

The urge to be a good Poet,
Persists to goad me on and on;
So, now and then, I tried to write,
And whenev’r the lines are born!

Many a talent, I possess,
I will also become famous;
If my one Talent, I pursue,
Very soon, limelight will ensue.

Whatev’r thy aim, begin, one must;
Swim, one day, the unchartered sea;
Success will come to a brave heart;
That keeps writing with immense glee.

This stress though strange, I’ve suffer’d;
To struggle thus, undeciphered;
‘Tis a worthy cause and the fame,
Everlasting shall end the game.

Poetry, addiction to some,
Like cannabis, heroin, rum;
A Poet should best deliver,
But God is the sole Giver!

No matter all the blunders writ,
Despite critics calling unfit;
One stealthily makes progress,
In any field to bring success.

With time, the poem gets mended!
Hours of hard labor seem ended;
All is so well that ends so swell!
The Poet happily will revel.

Not all need win laurels, acclaim,
Man must his creator proclaim;
God’s love of Mankind, knows no bounds;
And haunts us tenderly, all around!

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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