On, Yet We Hold

Ascending spirits,
Rome bewildered faith of Nativa
Wisdom blunt passed weak wrists
To burn the courage in vain

Struck us deals to meal
In to dive to ease the ravened feel
Late night theories the moon blackened
Down the spine the balance purged

Days of now scene the pride
To iron wrinkled ends of hearts beats
For streams of sense to flow
From dead seeds life to grow

Rain kissed heels of the Sun
Drops down sow the fun
Fields now meet greener
The petals bore the dawn
Souls lay as pawns

Night tales of knights in the wild
The armory melanated
Smiles peace the fury
Time illusive in rotation
The tocks serve bowls of memories

There, yet we are
Hands to what brews life
Sunrays dry streaming sweat
Chains to melt in heads
To bridge where fate to greatness bows

Twigs shall bear wings
Awakening godly beings
To master an art which life is

by Ndina Kamaro Muofhe

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