Once, I was a child,
In a bright red shirt,
Covered in dirt,
And life was so easy.

Once, I was a girl,
Sweet seventeen,
A feisty teen,
And life was full of promise.

Once, I was a woman,
Expecting a baby,
Living on a maybe,
And life was like a dream.

Once, I was a mother,
Too tired to think,
Too busy to wink,
And dreams became reality.

Once, I was a person,
Who used her mind,
Who began to unwind,
And life was interesting.

Once, I was loved,
By a beautiful soul,
Made to feel whole,
And life felt so complete.

Once, I was the wind,
Whistling in the trees,
Heard in the breeze,
And life had passed me by.

by Aisha Sherazi

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