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Once a cheater always a cheat
While living a life just to deceive
To practice fraud, which no-one will applaud
And the truth no one will ever believe.
To be unfaithful or to go astray
Being a crook each and every day
Trying to evade, and then to escape
The evil tricks that you have made.

Once a liar always a liar
Dishonesty will become your empire
Your words will become colder, when you become older
And your only warmth will be hells  fire.
The truth it will become your enemy
The words you speak will be your seeds
Truthfulness will be your foe, as your history will unfold
Then your words will be hewed away like weeds.

Once a user always a user
Then later on to become an abuser
That will be yourself, unto you and everyone else
Then lastly you will become a looser.
You take from anyone all you can
Whether they be either woman or man
You think you deserve, what they have earned
And for no one do you ever give a damn.

Once a thief always a thief
Bringing nothing but worries and its grief
To take what is not yours, your dignity is the lure
As dishonesty is all that you do seek.
You take and steal what you do not own
While believing it is yours and yours alone
Though you have no regret, and your never upset
But someday for your thievery you will atone.

Once a whore always a whore
Could any man or I say anymore
Giving away your dignity, with no shame or pity
As you always move to another mans door.
Your soul and body it will become stale
As on the marketplace you put your soul up for sale
But you have no regret, from the men you have kept
Maybe someday they too will hear your conscience wail.

Once a woman you once were
At least that is what I once had heard
You had virtue and pride, and dignity deep inside
But to all now that seems so absurd.
They say it was so very long ago
With a different person inside of you did grow
When you were devout, and sins you did with out
But that was before the real you we did know.

Randy L. McClave

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