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Once A Pitcher

Was the fall from grace
As good as the skyrocket?
Eighteen years down the drain
As the elbow left the socket.
Getting to that was all I've known.
It was all I'd really be.
I worked my life on an idea.
And it had forsaken me.
The beds of the hospitals are unforgiving.
They beseech me to end it all.
But would my mind erupt like this?
Had I fail to endure this fall?
The light was finally a clear shade.
Because it wasn't even there.
Failure is as good as success.
with half of the committment.
when it is truly undeniable.
Each presents the same disgusting fate.
so the rigorous work was the true gift.
It had been installed for me to hate it.
And as I lie on his cold bed of harsh reality.
I realized it was the truest shit.
so make sure you enjoy the journey.
The road is better than the dream.
You can look back on those blind times.
In case you miss the two extremes.

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