Once Again

Once again you have come into our lives
only to leave us with hurt and pain
by the choices you have made

you have chosen to be with this guy
that will only lead you to nowhere land
and down the road of self-destruction

you are blinded by this love
these feelings that you have
That you cannot see what you have done

you say you are following your heart
when you need to be following your mind
It can only lead you to self-destruction

On this path you have chosen
Just know that there will always be
A place within my heart as well as my home

For when you decide
to come to your senses
there will always be home

I never stopped love you
Through all this hurt and pain
This I can forgive

Please do not forget the promise I have made
I will always love you
no matter what you say or have done

Once again you have caused us hurt and pain.
But you must believe that we will
always love you

You will always have a place
Within my heart as well as my home
These are the words I leave you with

I pray that God will watch over you
And protect you from harm
I truly wish you well

by Scott Austin

Comments (5)

You will always have a place Within my heart as well as my home Rachel Ann Butler
i like how your poems seemed to be addressed to someone. like s poetic letter, or discussion.
This was a deep poem because it showed a strong sense of love toward someone that you really cared for and even though it hurts you to see this person out of your life you have to remember to find a way to better yourself with out this person because if it was meant to be it was meant to be. If this person really feels this way about you move on with your life and try to better yourself because you can not live in the past anymore try to slowly move on and become a better person without this loved one. Even though it may hurt right now just remember though every dark night there is a bright day so just keep your head up and handle your business. Andrew Burant
Powerful, because my parents always where there for me no matter what. Good read.
very touching and moving - you can feel the tenderness