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Once Again

Wish I could forget my dreams,
I know it was only a fantasy.
Lost within the days and nights,
My heart is changing into a dreadful site!

Can I stop this aching heart?
Before it becomes cold as ice-
Once more, and
Why did I feel that there was a chance?
For brighter days on a cloud.

When all I know is pain and sorrow,
with tears running down my face,
no chance to feel remorse as
A nightmare without an end.

Twice I have loved,
(Other then my children.)
but It has got me nowhere,
only making me a wreck.

Throughout the nights,
I am lost within my thoughts,
Living with my fears
throughout my days.

This pain in my chest shall pass! (I say)

I will never stop moving forward
with my life,
But the lessons I learn
will be the ones I grow from.

Life happens within the moments we have...
I Keep my head up,
focused on what is real,
Everything will come in full circle
as long as I stay true to myself!

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