Once Again....


once again, i swear..
that i love you and need you..
and your love will never cause me any pains..
and for you i will live my life..
please beloved...
tell me what is your answer..
please answer me, and don`t be hesitant..
because i love you..
love you more than myself..
love you with all that scares inside you...
love you with all that melodies in your voice..

what is going with you today..
and what is going in your mind..
please tell me..
i am waiting to know..
please answer me..
say any thing...
do any thing...
and let me know, , please..
why you are saying that...
after you lighting my life..
please answer me..
and be sure that i still loving you..
and waiting for you...

by: hazem02@yahoo.com

By hazem02

by hazem al jaber

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