Once Again (Maybe Suggest A Better Title) ... (And Maybe A Chord Progression To Make It A Song) :)

I can't take this pain again
Lying on my bedroom floor
Wishing we had never met
Heartbroke many times before

I don't know what you've become
But I wish you wouldn't be
Wish you'd bring her back to life
Sounds like you're becoming me

Scared beyond my understanding
Don't know why you bring me down
Want to stop thinking about you
But I really don't know how
Set my life to loving you
Don't know anything else now
Guess that's what will be on my mind
While I'm walking around town.

Wanted to bring out your smile
Depression my face only knows
Misery controls my person
All this sadness in me grows

Hope he cares for you like I did
I guess I'm not good enough
Hope some day that I'll be happy
But until then life is rough

by Zaphod Neun

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