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Once Believed

I once believed in the Easter bunny and also Santa Claus
I didn't believe in hate or murder or corruption or the misuse of laws,
Santa would bring me presents, but only if I was very good
And the Easter Bunny brought me sweets, as I remember from my childhood,
I would say my prayers every night and GOD would always watch over me
And everyone that I knew and played with, they were happy and also free,
The tooth fairy would always come to my house when a tooth I had just lost
And under my pillow there was money, the price of my tooth was its cost,
I knew if my parents asked me a question, I would always tell them the truth
Whatever they showed or told me, I believed it! I didn't need any proof,
Once upon a time we all were born so sweet and true and innocent
I was born and raised trusting and believing and not bread with malcontent,
The truth in others was the truth that I knew from what I had perceived
I once truly believed with all my heart, but I know now that I was deceived.

Randy L. McClave

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Love this poem. Brings back all the innocence of our childhood and how as children we know not of the horrors of the world but live in our fairytale existence. Growing up can be such a huge let down huh?