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Once Beloved

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Am I the queen of Botox afterall?
My face is no longer mine to recognize
This body will never win me another first place prize
The self has been stolen from I was who was me
The soul as deep as a box of non-fat candy

Don’t you look at me this way for telling you the truth
You know I am no longer as beautiful as you
Pills, plugs, surgery and cream
Is anything ever as gorgeous as it seems?

Like a hundred husbands, age looked for a whore
And without choice I laid in its path and screamed for more
I’ve got a witch on my dress and a bitch on my sleeve
Oh, if only one would save me from this decay

Don’t you look at me and see what I am
Remember I was blonde, big-breasted and tan
I used to obliterate my men with just one kiss
Isn’t it cruel, it has come to this?

I’m shallow, bad and bold
And yes, I’d rather die than grow old.

Don’t you look away, I’m not mad at all
It’s only natural for you to want to watch me fall

Once beautiful, once beloved, this I have not forgot
And I kill everything I am with everything I am not.

by Susan Cava

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It seems to me that you are caught up in glamor... After all Vanity is one of the seven deadly sin...
very well written - most women feel this way