BS ( / Balasore, Orissa, India)

Once For The Last Time!

Do not leave me behind
Oh my darling!
Alone at this moment
For I would suffer in silence
Unmindful of the age of night
Till another day dawns.

If you look around
At the vast expanse of water
Of the lake overlooking this place,
You see the silence lying all over,
As the water breathes respite
From the day time movement
Of fishers, their boats, oars and nets.

Gentle breeze blowing from the south
Tries to heal its wounds now!

Yonder are the tall coconut trees,
Though trying to remain stiff
But doze off at times.
Their shadowy images in cool waters
Disturb the peace of those living under.

Before you really have to go
You may please come nearer me
As I wish to hold you tight
Once for the last time in a long kiss.

I want your face to glow in my mind
With another glimpse of yours.
Thus only can I relieve myself
From the pain of missing you!

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Sethi, I love's quite heart-touchy. Good and thoughtful hand. It's also very expressional...Keep it up!