Once I Loved Hope

Poem By Dinesh Nair

Switch off the TV, stop all sounds
Shut down the comp, turn off the lights
Let no one come calling
When I am alone.

Thoughts on the death row
Memories wheezing
like a worn away mono.
Emptiness is nothing
but a burnt away log
in the forest of impossibilities.

I didn’t hear you then,
I wouldn’t see you now
You are just an x-ray sheet
of soul painted in black.

You call me an escapist,
I only outran your lies.
I drank your tears
Cups of poison steeped in shame.

You are nothing but an effigy
Even ghosts fear to enter.

Come out of your own shadow
I ask you to face the mirror
Your image is nothing but pleasure
etched in horror.

Fade away into insignificance.
Please let me be me.
I can get real
With the vastness of time.

Comments about Once I Loved Hope

A sublime start with a nice poem, Dinesh. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
Very nicely and aptly presented. Fantastic speculation. Beautiful poem. Many thanks dear Dinesh, keep the ball the rolling. ......10
A very poignant and powerful poem. You poured your heart and soul out on this one. Good depths of thought. Thanks for sharing.
once I loved hope but now I cannot cope lifes hills too slope so now I grope-Good write --10+ Anjali
Once I love hope But since now i cannot cope ascending on life's steep slope Now I hate hope..........Good Write..........10+++......

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