Husband Hunting

Honey tell me if you're the one for me
Understanding, sweet, sexy and rich too
So darn perfect that a girl like me just can't resist
Hot, hot, hot
A stud with 10 or more inches
Night after night after night can you keep me happy?
Drop me a line if so, baby doll
Hard as a rock muscle men only need apply
Useless to ask me out if you're don't meet these kinky requirements
Need just one of you to be my one and only true love forever
Talk alone won't turn me on
I need action, hot lusty action
Naughty, naughty, naughty
Got it?

Then baby I want it
So hurry up and get in touch today fast before this once in a lifetime offer comes to an end!

2008 Ramona Thompson

by Ramona Thompson

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