'Once In My Lifetime

Once in this luxurious time of mine do I stay sceptical on this opinion
I yearned once you are married no more divorce
Once you are in love like the old Ruth hatred is out of the scene
Life the home of the agiles
Only the strong could debunk the story of the masses
I dreamt when the day is resplendent
We should not talk of haggardness
Oh! the sky I thought would be the limit of this journey
As of now, at my teenage do I yearn for the fate
Which if emerge might be or otherwise
Like the serving soldiers in dilemma
The choice chosen in predicaments
I should have seen it coming
The signs have I failed to read
You told me no one like me in your bosom
This might have led me intoxicated on time
I lively collapsed when I smelt the scent of another man
In her room anmd laps
From my heart I thought of a wicked love
Love of Delilah
Love of the Philistines
After a decade of harmony

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

Comments (2)

A solemn love collapsed..........out of betrayal.Good job Israel.
Well written piece...thanks for sharing