Once More

Pull myself back together just to fall once more
I know in my heart you won’t be my score
I sit around, wondering why you cared
And it always makes me think
how you were always there

I don’t feel the same
Every night, my heart turns to black
My heart has banished
And now I start from scratch

It wont ever be the same
You took my heart and ran
You did it to every girl
As fast as you can

Now every time I wake
I think of how it would be
You and me, but its just a dream

I hate how I suffered
I spilled my heart out for you
I can never love again
At least as much as I did for you

I pull myself together just to fall once more
And now you’ve banished…
Gone, right out the door

by Shannon Dunlap

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Best like the Rest...lol dang i could usee that..........XD ♥ Jesss