Once Protected To Value (Common Sense)

Remember when sense to be made,
Was accepted as being common...
For those living to experience,
A time when doing this was not offensive.
And today?
Everyone pays for crimes others commit.
Thoughtless acts are excused away to permit.
Censored are words although folks butt naked,
Or nearly undressed.
And those seeking to understand all the mess,
To declare none of it makes any sense...
Are protested against,
By the ones who are offended 'and' senseless...
In fear their entitlements to degrade standards,
Once protected to value...
Now want them represented to display more decadence.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Yes, Lawrence, I remember when people had common sense, it was really a great time. People accepted others and lived by the motto, live and let live. Nowadays, these politically correct advocates are making no sense, because they are discriminating against everyone except the illegals! ! They have no logic in their approach to life, it seems they are all just a bunch of spoiled brat children. They have no morals or ethics to speak of and they are filled with prejudice and hate. Thank you for bringing so much of this decadence to light in your poem. RoseAnn