Once Removed

Once removed,
From expectations...
One perceives,
Can be delivered upon demand.
Insight clears.
Self examination begins.
To leave one to realize,
The only demands one can place...
With a facing of a life that returns happiness,
Is the doing the best one can...
Not to demand from others anything,
Until it is accepted without question...
That what one brings to a table shared with others,
Has equal value.
Then to have it understood,
An invitation given to sit with others...
Has already been recognized.
And anyone wishing to get special attention,
Should be at least gracious enough...
To await their turn with it earned to be given.
Once removed,
From expectations one has perceived...
The doing of it is delivered upon demand.

'But I've been waiting for my turn for awhile.'

~You just arrived.
There are those who have been patiently awaiting,
For many years to see their contributions appear...
On menu that is still being decided.~

I didn't know that.'

~Now you know.
You can go or stay.
But interruptions here,
Are not tolerated.
Too many of us have already accepted that lesson.
Any other questions, statements or responses? ~

I'll await my turn to be served.'

~And know this...
When your turn does come,
You will have our support in furthering your happiness.
But for now...
Value the giving to us of 'your' support.
In time you will appreciate how it all comes together.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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