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Once Sticks And Stones

Once we had just sticks and stones
Now we have guided missiles and drones,
At one time we could only hurt each other
Now we can kill a strangers father and/ or mother,
If for some reason a foreign country hates me
They can now destroy me and my country,
At one time before we relied only on our own fist
But, now madmen with missiles and drones exist.

Randy L. McClave

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Beautiful poem Randy Thank you for sharing Mario Odekerken
Randy, the poem is clear, so that's good, but your grasp of formal aspects like meter (7th line loses the beat) is weak. Maybe read some good contemporary poetry by poets like Anthony hecht or Richard Wilbur. It takes more than rhyme to make a good poem. If you have time, check out my new website: jeffersoncarterverse.com Tell me how you like it. Yrs, JC