Once Successfully Covered Up

Only those becoming to show,
Themselves to be offended...
By the most despicable actions,
Performed and displayed in midnight raids...
Done to portray their ancestors as saviors,
Feel today they must re-create those days...
To defend those actions,
Against anyone presenting comments.
Mentioned not to attack.
But with a revealing a researching,
Of available facts.

That which entertains on TV's and movie screens,
Is closer to reality occurring on the streets.
Many can not accept to believe,
Everywhere and at anytime...
These scenes can be seen without paying a dime.
People crying. Sighing and dieing prematurely.
With it known their hopes and dreams,
Have lower odds to exist than compared with...
Borrowing a few dollars to purchase lottery tickets.

And when this truth is heard,
It begins to hit a nerve that strips bits and pieces...
Away from precious fantasies and lives lived deluded.
Once successfully covered up to protect,
The ones who had perceived themselves...
To be lucky and not like the rest.
But slowly they are awakening to see their greed,
Becoming to effect their historic misdeeds to leave...
Not only others they have chosen to victimize.
But also themselves by using deception and lies.
No longer easily disguised to hide behind them.

'You know...
If this was another time,
You wouldn't be allowed to say...
What's on your mind.'

You know...
If this 'was' another time,
Truth exposed to observe it as is...
Would have fewer people,
Addicted to delusions.
And those with clear minds,
Wouldn't sit around to permit...
Watching their lives and the quality of it,
Diminish while allowing nonsense to exist.

'Oh yeah?
Find your comments offensive.'

You should.
Now open your eyes.
The same way you've done your ears.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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