Once The Chipping Away Shows A Fakeness

When one values a true 'gem'...
It is best to keep that gem shining,
At all times.
Not when it is advantageous to glout,
When it is noticed by others folks.

Give that gem the respect it deserves.
And let it know how dear it is kept,
With its radiance close to your heart.
Let that gem aware it has been identified,
For its glow that keeps 'you' sparkling.

And all that other fake stuff?
One will see eventually,
The need to have it only feeds a limitation...
That leaves.
Once the chipping away shows a fakeness.

To my 'true' friends.
And devoted family members I love deeply.
They know who they are.
I wont let a 'hint' of dust fall on their paths!
Or have it heard they are being disrespected.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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