Once There Was A Friend

Poem By Carmina Abrenica

Here's to the friends I got along
In a time with the notion we belong
To the pages we shared for long
All ended up with a painful song

To that seat I thought I truly own
Together with the photos on my phone
To the care I mused was honestly shown
Ceased as now I enter the room alone

To that black I ignored seeing the white
And the distant feeling after a silent fight
All the stories over food one fine night
And that market walk at morning's light

Without utterance I let out a long sigh
To these chapters I bid you goodbye
But still my well wishes to see you fly
Are deep within me until I no longer cry

11/20/19 5: 57 AM

Comments about Once There Was A Friend

Write comment. This is Lovely
But still my well wishes to see you fly Are deep within me until I no longer cry/// beautiful written on the pure friendship nexus // like this
Pathetic and heart wrenching creation, revealing painful sentiment that one feels after ultimate departure of an intimate friend.
Beautifully crafted, an exceptional write. Congratulations from core of my heart for being selected as poem of the day.
A sad and honest write of close encounters that were never right.....well penned.

4,0 out of 5
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