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Once They Said

Once they said you were so sweet
But now they say that you are a cheat
So maybe then someday you might learn
Your deeds speak louder than any word
When you are walking down your street.

Once they said your soul was loyal
But now they say its used and soiled
So I say this to you my dear, dear friend
If you did once before you will do it again
You once had nothing but now you are spoiled.

Once they said you were knowledegable
Now they say that you are intolerable
As you think your better than everyone else
And know one is as smart as yourself
Now your ways and acts are unpardonable.

Once they said you were very honest
But then you became very dishonest
You hid your truth as you would hide a tear
Then you made your past and deeds disappear
As then you thought you were a goddess.

Once they said you were trustworthy
But then you became uncouth and earthy
You became a person that we never knew
As inside your soul and mind evil and hate grew
Now for your salvation you will never be worthy.

Once they said you were true to the core
But now your mind is empty and your soul is poor
You had let evil and sin enter into your life
Now honest and love is out of your sight
Statements of praises, you wont hear anymore.

Randy L. McClave

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