Once Upon A Christmas Day

Once upon a Christmas Day,
A sense of cheer and joy were in the air,
Music aroused the spirit everywhere.
Decorated trees and colorful lights strung,
On the mantel the children's stockings hung.

Once upon a Christmas Day,
Greetings were extended with smiling faces,
Fond thoughts that my memory embraces,
Many wrapped gifts in full array,
An annual tradition on this Holy Day.

Once upon a Christmas Day,
Carolers were singing from afar,
While in the heaven appeared a bright star.
This Christmas came on a snowy day
Leaving memories that will forever stay.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

Comments (3)

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like the poem, takes me back to yesteryear..................................
Your poem put me in a Christmas cheer. I like that. Little early for a holiday poem but Christmas is coming sooner than you think. Really enjoyed it.