Once Upon A Dream

Poem By Sam D xxooxxoo

I see you coming towards me
With the luminous smile
Like a thousand stars from the sky
Its blinding but I can’t look away

The smell of your cologne makes me drunk
With every kiss and every warm embrace
It makes me more and more intoxicated

You get up and pull me onto the dance floor
I’m twirling and gliding across the floor
And I can only see you
I can’t even hear the music

We stop and I want to ask why
He turns and fumbles to find something
He turns around and covers my eyes
When he takes his hand off my eyes
The ring is there and he goes down on one knee

My heart is running its own race
The tears start to flow
And I scream and holler YES!

Then I wake up and it was all just a dream
It will never happen to me

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