Once Upon A Spring Day

Once upon a Spring day,
The environment was such a beautiful sight
With the sky so blue and clouds puffy white,
The sun casting lustrous rays upon the lane
Telling us it is Springtime at its height.

Once upon a Spring day,
It was like a beauty fair
Of being born anew,
The splendor of this time of year
When vegetation is succulent and new.

Once upon a Spring day,
When the trees brought forth their leaves -
The patter of raindrops brought delight untold,
The warm breeze that soothed you through,
The thrill of pleasant weather began to unfold.

Once upon a Spring day,
The brook flowed freely through the forest,
Vast amounts of dandelion overwhelmed the hills,
Smiles and grins appeared on many faces,
Only because it is Springtime with all its thrills.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

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