Once Upon A Time

We were so innocent and naive-
Children, trying to teach ourselves
Adult ways.
Imitating the adult omnipotence;
The cruelty and kindness, intertwined
Understanding mixed with impatience
That godlike ability to make instant decisions.
It intrigued, made us envious-
How did one come to be so sure
Of the world in general,
And your own self, in particular?
We rehearsed versions of our future dramas
Fantastical grown up parodies were played out:
The neighborhood boy who threw himself
On top of my clothed, unsuspecting body
He knew well the postures, but not the biology
Behind the act;
And all I could think to say was:
Get off - get off- they can see us-
Already employing the reasoning of maturity
In theory, though not in actual practice;
The exercises we repeated ad infinitum
Just trying to grow up and finally have some power;
It was all that mattered to us then.
The hollowness of a predictable existence
Never manifesting itself to our febrile minds.

by Patti Masterman

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