Once Upon A Time

Whatever that is in your mind,
Keeping it confined to Once Upon A Time
Fantasized stories...
With such a determination to see them come to life,
Is a condition of madness enforced!
With an adoption that has altered your senses.
Senses you've learned to endorse.

And pointless it is to argue with folks like you.
Or debate aspects of a reality...
Nonexistent in your view.
Nor can I question your loyalty.
That would be considered a crime committed.
And 'that' I choose not to do!

You are too obviously devoted,
To what has made this place great!
You definitely pose no one here a threat.
Or hesitate to defend the state of your mentality.

It's all good!

IF you begin to notice,
Drastic changes to your world happening soon?
Don't get too upset.
They are just rearranging the focus of the lighting...
With a few scenery changes!
And they have begun to 'update' the sets!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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