RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Once Upon A Time....

Once Upon A Time....
We lived in a world when familes ment more then just Christmas galores.
Back when life was simple and plan,
No Ninetendo's that just seem to wash out the brain.

Once Upon A Time....
Children laughed inside, they enjoyed all before them with glee in there eyes.
To turn on the radio and catch the news was the high light of the evenings back when my mom was two.

Once Upon A Time.....
We didn't have computers or the fax.
We had at most a telephone and that was that.

Can you see the changes from when you were young?
And how today you look at see what our kids have become.

I look at my children and think to myself they have no clue how to just sit and be by themselves.

There concerned with cars and cloths I know thats kids,
But what happen to the days when we just sat on the porch?

All in all it's not the future I'd planned I'm scared for the moments that just continue to pass.

I don't want my children to become so undone,
That they can't see all that once was.

We servived and became what we are today,
Because of what we were taught back in the old days.

My words may not reach home but I'll give you this to chew,

What happens when instead of photos you thumbs through,
It's faxes and e-mails that your kids reach you.

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