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Once Upon A Time

Times once were sweet with innocence and purity

With longing for fairy tales, more that they were real

When hours of the day were splendid for believing

In things (found false) , in hope (long lost) , in love (from which to heal) .

Times once were easy full of fervor full of wit full of vision

With will and power and confidence in all our plans

When hours of the night were lovely for dreaming

Of road (found indirect) , of talent (long buried) , of passion (from which we ran) .

Times once were peaceful when you entered my heart

With love with compassion a young boy benevolent

When hours of weeks were wild with living

On tenderness (found tough) , on trust (long guarded) , on endearment (from which we lament) .

Times once were found in these ways beaming with life

With brightness and hope and joy and desire

When weeks of months grew long yet passed quickly

From thoughts (found judgement) , from hearts (long broken) , from words (from which we grew dire) ,

Times once were blissful yet now they are gray

With lacking trust and fear and lies all thieving

When months of years fall short and pass swiftly

Your warmth (found cold) , your love (long diminished) , your face (from which is deceiving) .

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