Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time
I knew you as mine
In our youth we once believed
Love it surrounded
Sometimes confounded
Still the world was ours to concieve

We had our laughter
Then tears came after
Sometimes we did not understand
We did what we had to do
Only what we knew
We tried so hard as woman and man

Then came our angel
That lived in our cradle
And not long another was sent
For bestowed upon us
Was God's love for us
We didn't realize from heaven were sent

Then came the heartaches
The tears and the heartbreaks
The loneliness and wishing we could die
How could we have not known
All we had to do was hold on
For God surely would have made things be right

Then came the sorrows
The broken tomorrows
As both of us tried to live our lives
Thinking now and then
Wondering what might have been
What ever happened to the husband and wife.

by Bill Simmons

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