Once Upon A Time

With the help of the Divine
He was inspired
His inspiration
Romantically kissed paper

She was my paint
And I was her brush
With romance and passion
Beauty moist paper's face

Paint and brush blended perfectly
For every time they touched
It brought smiles and pleasure
Each stroke cleanse their pain

The work of art was dead
Love was the painter
That painted it together
But time has flowed by

And the painter has moved on
All that remains is
Agonizing memories...

Encased within the frame.

by Eyan Desir

Comments (12)

Amazing! i can translated this into different version of life...a life of a painter, loves to paint, but ended by framing the piece of art...but it is okay it ended that way, still the greatness of the memory preserve well in the frame, and exhibit, share all the love that u have before, but u will paint onto new canvas and the feeling will grow again......and it also can be understand as a reflection of the art, an art of love between of two person that colored by beautiful feelings and ended with the memory remain forever...in mind frame..
This is really a work of art Deep emotions expressed through wonderful and original images. A real artist at work. Let your inspiration keep kissing the paper (or the key board ( :)
The poet colorful words paints a picture of a painter's idea of love ' Once upon a Time' A 10
Thanks for sharing this poem is wonderful to read i love the way you put your words into the poem. love and light nathan cx
The true painter will always have different strokes in his paints.Each stroke speaks about its own season and beauty. For you had painted your idea well.
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