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Once Upon A Time; I Had Something Inside
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Once Upon A Time; I Had Something Inside

Once Upon A Time

once upon a time there was a love inside
the one i loved
the reason i cried
i loved and lost
i cried and i died
i only lived once
lived for awhile
loved for long
a died one night
in an angry rage i died that night
the one i loved lost me for none
i lost her to nothing
then she was gone
i had a lot of nothing to say
they're gonna hate me when im gone
they will not wish me well
but i was not afraid to die
the day i died i smiled in glee
i know that one day they will miss me
the day they ask what is my reason
that is the day they will realize
he had a purpose
i showed them love that was thrown away
i gave them everything which they gladly hated
nothing i did
nothing i said
everything in my life
was ignored for so very long until the day they love
then they know me
for what i really am
they claimed all the time that i would die for them
i died for none and lived for her
once upon a time they shall say
he was a great man on his day
then he left us in a flow of hatred and anxt
forever he will live an unloving dead in the realm of pain

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