JC (November 30,1989 / )

'Once Upon Eternity'

The Prince of Fools met the Prince of Darkness,
-Sweeping tired dust and flame-
“So, are you the Janitor? A fool’s guess,
But your disguise is just lame.”

“For the six-hundred-and-sixty-sixth time!
Does no one recall poor Lucifer’s Prime?
Here fool, hand me a mirror! ”

The Fool pulled one from his half-pocket heart,
“Careful now, it holds my dreams…”

“That’s the beauty of Everymirror’s art,
Its only truth is what seems.”

The Grey God gazed into the grey glass hell
Of a mirror, not a soul-
Forever and ever the Grey God fell
Down eternity’s white hole!

Forever and ever the grey god sang;
(A grey dot was he and very tiny)
He sang and sang and sang
till hell rang
'Bang! '
I dropped the ghost glass shiny!

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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