Once, When I Needed Him

I felt alone like always,
every time i need some one by my side.
But i knew that he had his ways,
even if we were apart he won't leave me behind,
and not that time.....

Instead of standing by me,
he started to wonder if he's to blame.
He didn't ask about me,
just who walked out like it was a game,
a stupid game of mine....

It was so simple, my love,
few words and a joke to make me smile.
Or was it so tough,
just to see how i was every once and a while,
didn't you want to know if i'm fine? ?

I'm over that to wonder,
how hard can it be to be there for some one?
Just disturb my wander,
ask me if i'm still hurt or if the pain is gone?
or you needed a sign? ?

Once, when i needed him so,
he let go of me for he feared guilt.
And, me too, i'm letting go,
walking over all the sadness i've felt,
yes, it's over this time...

by Eman Awad

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