JAK ( / Houston, Texas)

Once You Told Me

Once you told me, "Try to create with words
and sounds and hidden feelings."

You guided my hand on a white, spacious,
immaculate paper....and everything changed
into concrete shapes.

You showed me the way to creativity...and then,
you left me alone.

Alone in a marvelous world of fascinating shadows
yet...unclear in front of my blurred eyes.

Once you told me, "Try to create!"
and I picked up the raindrops-
and the red strands of the sunset-
and the crystalline music that once sounded
like a gentle water stream.

only one thing was mine,
one- only tear
on my palm.

by Judith Ann Kashuba

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Judith Ann Kashuba: I am so glad I came across your poem, 'once you told me' It stuck with me all nite long and these are the thoughts that I find you poem would mean if I was to write, these are for you to do as you so please; Dancing under Moonlite: Inspired by JudithAnn. When I dance under Moonlite my shadows dances too! . The moon, my shadow, it makes three. Alone in a marvelous world of facinating shadows, un-clear my blurred eyes, I begin to see. I try to creat words, sounds of hidden feelings that relate to me To Judith by charles garcia