With human beings
the beauty of the spirit outlives the dignity of the body
Remember, your ONE spirit
is more powerful than anything on earth
ONE can restore life to all who believe
or ONE can cause the death of 6 million
ONE can write a story that changes the lives of millions
or ONE can be silent
ONE can make millions laugh
or ONE can make millions cry
ONE can start a crusade for food
and save millions from starvation
or ONE can be selfish
and ignore the cries of hunger
ONE can speak out and save his fellowman from danger
or ONE can join the idle crowd and watch danger weave its destruction
ONE can start a crusade to clothe millions
or ONE can look over the tattered and the naked
ONE can write music to unite millions in harmony
or ONE can use music to bring war and death
ONE can dance to celebrate life
or ONE can incarcerate the body until it has nothing to celebrate
One can entertain many
or ONE can hide himself in a silent grave
ONE can love all who cross the portal
or ONE can live in hate and emptiness
ONE can give
or ONE can only take
ONE can make life better for someone, somewhere
or ONE can destroy a life Which ONE are YOU?

by Diana Storhoff

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