Battle Of The Soul

Two wolves forage within your soul,
Endeavoring ‘til destiny tolls.
Driven in a voracious fight,
Spirits actions reflect their plight.

Malice is the name of this one brute,
Its paws calloused in Wrath’s pursuit.
Drooling fangs, Glutton seeks in vain.
Indolence reeks of putrid stains,
the coat of Pride it lives to feed,
Filthy, conniving, it hoards in Greed.
Mind afflicts, thoughts shout quick with Lust.
Envy plagues thoughts, just brings disgust.

Benevolence, the second beast
Crowned with Humility, feasts
On Patience, Chastity for love’s
true freedom – sees Kindness above
acts of self, guides Prudence with grace,
a wealth of Diligence and Faith.

Who wins to be the Lord and Host?
One you delight to feed the most.

by Aaron Combs

Comments (2)

I agree with Esther, Dave, this isnt one of your funny little frivolities. Its simple but warm and lovely. Oh, and you spelt the words right, ha ha ha Love, Fran xx
A different poem for you, very sweet and emotional in the best way possible. Just lovely.