DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)


Boredom seeps in
Uninvited and whining
What is the Teacher saying?
I can't tell, I'm writing

The children, they laugh
Randomly, so confusing
What are they laughing about?
I don't care, they are boring

My notebook lies open
Scribbled on, jotted down
Even I don't know what they mean
But the teacher has a frown

The teacher comes over, pointing, and asks:
"Why have you done this when it's such an easy task? "
His assistant looks at me, her expression floored
But I look her in the eye and say:
"Sorry, I was bored."

He sends me out in disgrace
The kids beginning to complain
But I just smile and brace myself
For the boredom to start again

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Comments (2)

I agree with Esther, Dave, this isnt one of your funny little frivolities. Its simple but warm and lovely. Oh, and you spelt the words right, ha ha ha Love, Fran xx
A different poem for you, very sweet and emotional in the best way possible. Just lovely.