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We are one
Though We hear not
With the same ears,
Or cry not
With the same tears.
And when We look
Even though We be side by side
We see not with the same eyes
Even though We see the same things.
But still, We are one.

We touch.
Though it is not
With the same hands,
We feel each other pleasures
And each others pain,
For today, tomorrow, and everyday.
And we both know
Though it is not with the same mind.
And we know the truth
So We tell not any lies.
We are joined together
With that same special bond
As a Child is joined
To its Mother,
And We are friends, partners and lovers.

We share
The very same joy and pain,
Brought forward
By the sunshine or the rain.
That GOD and Man brings forth everyday.
We are one
And when one does leave
And the other must stay,
Be it on foot, one day or a year
We both shall know it and feel it.
We are one joined together
Not by Man, or law or Parents
But by you and I and GOD.

And when our time on Earth is over
The dream we had is through
We shall both happily leave together
Hand in hand, over the oceans and clouds of blue.
But; if We must walk that path alone
We shall happily walk that road,
For We shall have but one thing in mind
That We are one, till the end of time.

Randy L. McClave

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