One Afternoon

Poem By sudha pandey

One afternoon passing through a street,
I saw people jeering & jostling, to greet,
And welcome a personage of rank,
So as to express their “Thanks”.

“I” too tried to make my way,
To see the reason of people’s gay.
To my surprise! T’was not a saint as I guessed,
But was a leader in Khadi Kurta & as Nehru’s capped,

Holding a model of TV and flight,
He promised to lessen common’s plight.
I asked how, these would help poor & miserable?
To which he gasped his breathe double…

And then said, television will broadcast venue inform,
Where, when & how? We will distribute, house, cloth & corn.
And through plane we will take it to desired places at Rs.2.
This is how, we will solve the causes, giving a blew.

I pondered, and once again asked, My King! !
When your plan will get it’s wing? ?
He said, just when the party will merrily sing,
Song of winning over other’s suffering.

I got the answer, it’s always “Other’s Suffering”.
I saw the pleasure of having TV & Flight disappearing.
And the eyes of the leader surely winking,
To see the crowd getting more congesting.

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