One American Material Girl

Each unknown man at a time passes by.
Squeezing each tail until his eye's
pop out, such are rat's.
More ship's have been pulled and sunk
by it, so he Cry's.
Across her breasts rest more Pearl's
than can comfortably,
in the sunshine be worn, see how they glisten.
For the men it was the hardest time of their lives.
Filling one gallon jugs with it, her hugs
grew tighter still.
And still they brought her more material thing's
she would lock up in her safe.
Snug and warm she never breathes, except to
urge him on, but not until after.
Before she engages him in conversation she takes
the measure of it and whispers as to weather or not
he is allowed in or out.
She keeps his appearance well hidden, it being key
to how you have read it.
The American Material Girl, leaves you guessing as to
just what, it could be.
Pulling on it,
is hardly self explanatory nor a contradiction
as she pays off her mortgage with one last
hug and squeeze.

by James McLain

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