One And Of All

Thank You,
I've come to give You
The Praise!
I've come to You focused...
Dear God.
Quiet and subdued,
To ask of You
For a complete release.
From the craving that has crazed,
Those of the flesh...
And of wicked ways.

I've come to You wishing,
And wanting an uplift in consciousness.
To raise higher in my mind...
A rising devotion,
And happiness that is mine!

Knowing without You,
Inside of me stirring my soul...
My life has no dropp of wholesomeness.
None 'that' I should maintain.
None 'that' must remain I should hold!
Without You!

I thank You,
For 'all' and everything.
From the appearance of dew...
Misting the dawning of morning Sun.
To the glistening of those rays,
On the surface of the Moon,
When night comes.
To enhance Your stay,

And the stars twinkling in the Heavens,
Sparkling from Cosmic light!
This is what I witness.
This delights my appetite.

And I thank You Almighty!
For this life...
This life given.
To adventure and explore this 'gift'
Only You have manifested...
And allowed me to feel blessed with!

Thank You,
Keeper and Giver of 'this' experience!
The One and of All.
And 'here' in me to express...
Such gratefulness,
I wish to give!
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

And so honored I am to confess,
I recognize Your Angels sent...
To ensure that I do for You,
Always pursuing I will,
My best!

Thank You,
I've come to give You
The Praise!
I come and welcome this bliss with You.
Knowing someday,
Eternity with You...
I will come to stay!

To my wonderful sister...
Mrs. Andrea Doreen ('Mimmie') Pertillar Dixon
Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Friend!
Gifted. Wise. And...'Stubborn'...LOL

'Love you, Mimmie'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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