One Bite

She has needles for fingers.
Her veins filled with dope.
Her heaven has fallen.
She has lost her soul.

She used to be beautiful...just like you.

Her face is disfigured.
Drowned sorrow in liquor.
Her skin tone has faded.
She's hells latest member.

She used to watch the sunset...just like you.

She lives inside the darkest hole.
She screams and crys out for control.
She grinds her nails into the rocks.
A slideshow of her past unfolds.
She recalls her younger years.
Through fields of flowers and shining tears.
Her life was a great parade...until that fateful day.
The conversation with the snake.
It promised her everything...
All she got back was hell.
It offered her the fruit to be anything.
From the highest branch she fell.
Her home is now the dirt...she eats with the worms.
The life she knew is dead...a slave to the horned head.
She had to feed her sick desire.
Jump into the light.
She wanted to be a brand new god.
All it took was one bite.

by Lance Carthen

Comments (1)

Lance, well said, every addiction begins with 'one bite'. Great use of before and after, and an effective display of the consequences of feeding temptation. Excellent referrences to the beginning of man... all very descriptive and symbolic. Awesome write! ! Brian