One Blue Rose

i guess that i will never know
why it is you had to go
you never even said goodbye
you just left me one blue rose
on the pillow where your head had been
until i awoke i had never thought
that i would wake up all alone
so now i see as days go by
there's nothing left to do but cry
and think of how the rose will die
it's beauty soon to fade away

i'll place the rose between the pages
of my favorite poetry book
then someday when i'm feeling brave
i will open the book and take a look
at the one blue rose you left for me
whose message is still unclear to me
for i did not know anything was wrong
until i saw that you were gone

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

Comments (2)

This is a lovely piece of prose, Faith, but it really is terrible being left with 'not knowing'. Love Ernestine
a sad poem when the other gone not understanding the reality of the alone time yet so well expressed everyone can feel the pain yet read the beauty