One Brisk Morning

Poem By Rocky vyas

One Brisk morning
I dressed my shorts, tied my shoes
and went on my morning job
cool crisp air bounced of my arm hairs
each tingling erupting to goosebumps
I felt the caffeine kick in each step

My nose picks up a distant fragrance
the smell of began to ignite the time
during my baseball days
it was the same scent along with the perfect swing
that launched baseballs past the fence

the same smell was present during my long walk
down the aisle, when I received my diploma and shook the principle's hands
weird but I kept running
the street became very....wait
hold that thought
I look to my iPod and realized
boom chicka boom mearrr
that forgotten in the abyss of iTunes
was that song

recalling the memory of dealing
with whats her face and her crappy waffle maker
I hope that it broke so she may never make breakfast again
wait....hmmm the time after dealing with her
boom boom booms causing little implosions in my head
i stop and remember, I moved past this ages ago

I jump and jump and jump
Warm up my calfs
and Jog on ahead
further and further I went

Like an arrow breaking through the sandy beach
finally going back to the side walk
with all my focus I ran
faster and faster
dodging people and other joggers

Until at last I was here
by the big sign that read
Loyola University Chicago
I paused. I remember the first day
I walked into that building
It smelled like holiness and money

Yet I decided to go here
I remember the endless hours
I dropped in to the IC
A.K.A Ice Station Icarus
All those cold hours
Dedicated to the psycho Chem and bio teachers
all that boring Blah blah blah
hmm If I had
A big blue time machine
Would I have came here again?

Maybe everything I went through
Lead up to here, to this spot
this exact moment
those are great philosophical questions
I could meditate on
Than again I have another question
“When do I get my cap and gown? ”

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