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One Can Only Look

One can only look for the best in people though the best in some you may not find
For there are people who are self centred and do not know how to be kind
The people who try to promote self by trying to bring others down
It is true one likely to meet all sorts in any city, village or town
Some people spiritually damaged as children by mentors lacking on insight
People who impressed on them for to climb the social ladder to put down others is all right
People learn their values as children the values that they do carry through life
The child whose mentors does disrespect women will be the man who abuses his wife
We become mirrors of our mentors though their gift of life from them may be long gone
We become what they used to stand for their sense of values in us does live on
We follow the ways of those we looked up to as children though their set of values were wrong
The bent saplings grows to a bent tree the straight sapling grows tall and strong
One can only look for the best in people this is how it should be anyway
Though on getting to know some you feel disappointed that does seem a fair thing to say.

by Francis Duggan

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